Krishna conscious teachings by Her Grace Srimati Urmila devi dasi


Those of us who work on this website are all volunteers. If you can help with various needs to keep this site going and to expand its usefulness, that is much appreciated.

For example, Bhakta Pravin´s donated a recording device that has allowed Her Grace to record while on the move for the benefit of all devotees that will soon have access to many of her classes. Bhakta Pravin Ki Jay!

We are committed to serve Urmila devi dasi with loving dedication and any support you can offer is more than welcome. Currently we are in need of data storage equipment and software upgrades. If you are able and inspired to help please do so by contacting Bhakta Michael on eMail:

In the same mood as Lord Ramachandra´s during the building of the bridge to Lanka we appreciate any contributions however small or large. Just like the little squirrel that was only able to kick some sand into the ocean while the strongest bears and monkeys were able to carry giant stones, but all of them were united in the service to the Lord. Krishna consciousness is glorious in that way because everyone’s service is relevant!

If you can contribute somehow towards this or any other areas please contact the web administrator by eMail:

If you would like to make a contribution to Srimati Urmila devi dasi´s spiritual projects, her travel expenses, or anything else, you may do so through Paypal at this link:" If you want to donate through a bank draft or mailed cheque, please contact her through Facebook for the information. (Urmila Edith Best).