Krishna conscious teachings by Her Grace Srimati Urmila devi dasi


Urmila devi dasi´s main project as of April, 2010, is the Dr Best Learn to Read program. Dr Best Learn to Read series is a new and exciting range of books for primary level children; it consists of 42 titles produced in consultation with foremost experts in UK and NZ phonics systems and written by Urmila devi dasi (Dr Edith Best), presently holding ISKCON´s only Doctorate in Education.

What makes these books stand out from other children´s books is the use of the ‘RecorderPen’ – a new cutting-edge technology which revolutionises the way young children learn to read. ‘RecorderPen’ is a special talking pen that enables the books to be heard in 25 different languages, bringing sounds, songs and interactivity alive on the printed page. See children´s eyes light up when they hear a story read in their home language! The beauty of this technology is that children will not only learn to read English in a fun way, but will also have access to world of other languages – all at the stroke of a pen!

Dr Best Read books are also special in other ways. While we all want our children to have fun while they´re learning, we also want to teach them values of right from wrong. Dr Best Learn to Read series is therefore based on well-loved morality and spiritual tales from ancient India – stories which are both great fun to read while at the same time depicting noble characters and wholesome values.

A more detailed article on Forthcoming Children´s Readers to Combine Quality and Krishna is available on ISKCON News. Also Talking Books brings a revolution in primary education can be view on Dandavats.

Additionally, this is the first reading scheme that can be used with either phonics or guided reading (whole language) systems of teaching. It is wholly coordinated with the UK government´s Letters and Sounds program that forms the basis of reading instruction in the UK. It is also fully coordinated with three international systems of determining book difficulty: UK Book Bands, American Fontas and Pinnell, and New Zealand´s Reading Recovery. Reading Recovery is the world gold standard.

From September 2nd you can purchase ‘Dr Best - Learn to Read’ books from the publisher´s website.

Other projects Urmila devi dasi are involved in, include Bhaktivedanta College at Radhadesh, Belgium, where she is a professor and consultant, and the Sandipanimuni School system in Vrindavana, India, where she will start as academic director in October.